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Let Us Help You
Protect Your Future

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Let Us Help You
Protect Your Future

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Let Us Help You
Protect Your Future

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Our financial planning practice focuses on the ability to help you plan for your future in order to provide peace of mind. Axiom Insurance Solutions targets specific ways to protect your assets and provide liquidity during unexpected events. By incorporating insurance options in your financial planning, you can save money in the long term, while safeguarding the wealth and legacy of a family member or business.

The insurance strategies we employ offer ways to maximize your income, diversify investments and possibly reduce your tax burden. By partnering with Lion Street, Inc., a unique network of firms specializing in financial solutions for high-net-worth individuals, families and businesses, we can offer the best products and strategies to meet the most complex planning needs of our clients.

Our Services

Individual & Family Insurance Coverage

In a world of uncertainty, life insurance provides stability to financial planning. It is a key, affordable solution when cash flow is needed at an unexpected time.

“Having peace of mind is priceless in these moments.”

  • Term & Permanent Insurance
  • Liquidity Planning & Asset Protection
  • Long-Term Care

Wealth Transfer Planning

It is crucial to plan in advance with loved ones how their assets will be protected and transferred. This preparation will avoid unwelcome surprises in the future.

“There is great comfort in knowing you have a plan.”

  • Retirement
  • Estate Planning
  • Individual Longevity Planning

Business Planning Solutions

Continuity and security are key to the long-term success of any business. The ability to mitigate risk is critical to maintaining leadership, particularly when unexpected events occur.

”Knowing how to protect your livelihood and those around you allows you to focus on the business.”

  • Executive and Corporate Benefits
  • LTC & Disability
  • Key Person & Buy/Sell Coverage

Advanced Toolkit

Advanced financial planning addresses issues and concerns in a complex world. Our life insurance tools provide unique options for situations that carry an unusually high risk.

“There can be deep satisfaction in having a known outcome to correlate against risks.”

  • Private Placement
  • Premium Finance
  • Wealth Accumulation

Meet Our Team

Mike Grau

Founding Partner

Vaughan Scott

Founding Partner

Michelle Konkle

Founding Partner

Luke Rother

Insurance Specialist

Kristen Lynch

Sr. Case Manager

Meet the Firm Behind Our Firm

Axiom Insurance Solutions is proud to be a Firm of Lion Street, Inc., a leading national financial services company owned by fiercely independent financial advisors. Based in Austin, Texas, Lion Street comprises an elite network of firms that specialize in financial solutions for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, business owners and corporate clients. Lion Street Firms gain favored access to insurance carriers and financial institutions, and the products and services they offer, enhancing our ability to meet the complex planning requirements of our clients.  

We chose to make a strategic affiliation with Lion Street so that we could advocate on behalf of our clients and enhance the value we provide. In addition to the influential relationships we hold with leading insurance carriers and other financial institutions through our affiliations with Lion Street, we also have access to a powerful peer network for sharing best practices and proprietary technology solutions on the cutting edge of the industry. As a result, we are able to offer our clients the most competitive solutions and products available.   

With over 190 Firms representing 260+ independent advisors, Lion Street serves as an open channel for the exchange of ideas, ensuring we stay plugged in to the most advanced strategies in the marketplace, by leveraging the specialized practices of fellow Lion Street Firms across the nation. Through Lion Street, we are supported by a team of financial services veterans with established industry relationships. Our clients benefit from the strategic alliances the Lion Street team has built with independent firms consulting in the areas of trusts and estates, product analytics and financial analysis.

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